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Beets and Greens


1 small Chioggia Beet

1 small Yellow Beet (or any rainbow beets)

1/2 Spinach

5 medium sized sunchokes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tsp. Za'atar

Himalayan Pink Salt

Fresh Parsley

Cracked Black Pepper

1 Fresh Garlic Clove (minced or chopped fine)

*Choose Organic and Local when possible


Peel skin and rinse beets

Chop into matchsticks

Rinse spinach (or use prewashed organic)

Rinse and chop 1-2 tsp Fresh Parsley

Thoroughly rinse and chop sunchokes into 1/2" cubes

Heat large skillet on low and drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil to lightly coat pan

Place sunchokes in pan, add a pinch of salt and a dash pf pepper

Let cook for 5 minutes then raise heat to medium low and add 1Tbsp. Za'atar (stir as need to prevent from sticking to the pan)

Add Garlic to pan

Add extra EVOO as needed

Continue to cook for about 10 minutes then add beets

Cook for 5-8 minutes on medium low and keep stirring as needed

Add another pinch of salt and pepper

In a separate small pan, lightly coat with EVOO and heat pan on low

Add spinach and a pinch of salt

Cook for 3 minutes stirring as needed then set aside

Once sunchokes and beets are tender, remove from the heat

Plate spinach, top with sunchokes and beet mix

Add fresh parsley