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The time has come....

Is your pantry improving or damaging your health?!
If you have to think about it, it may not be helping you out so much.  Time to get to that pantry and do a major clean out. 

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • First throw away anything that expired
  • How much of the food in the pantry is processed, refined, not made of real food?
  • If you want to truly feel better, it is time to get rid of all processed foods and swap it for whole, real foods (processed foods only make you sick, so it ends up costing you more money in the end, and your health).
  • Swap out refined hydrogenated oils for unrefined, organic, high quality oils.  Two of my favorites are Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil.  I have used Extra Virgin Olive Oil my whole life to cook with and top on salads.  Coconut Oil is a great option for baking and cooking foods at high heat.
  • Replace Simple Carbohydrates with Complex Carbohydrates (replace white rice, white pastas, white crackers, with brown/black/wild rice, quinoa, lentils, whole grain pastas...simple carbs are refined, meaning they are highly processed so that the shelf life is longer, but it is completely stripped of its nutrients and digests quickly, which spikes blood sugar).  Yikes!
  • Swap out plastic containers for glass or BPA free containers (BPA- hormone/endocrine disruptor)



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