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Whether you are a Vegetarian like me, or not, Nuts and Seeds provide a great source of protein.  They are packed with nutrients and healthy fats that our body needs for fuel and to function properly.  Nuts and Seeds provide fiber which helps aid in digestion.

I would suggest that when buying nuts and seeds that you select raw options each time.  Nuts and seeds that are salted and roasted are often roasted in an unhealthy hydrogenated refined oil, that offers no nutritional benefits and often times causes inflammation.

Nuts and seeds are so awesome not only because they are good for you and taste good but you can do so much with them too! Yay!

  • Add them to Smoothies
  • Make homemade Nut Mylks
  • Add to Salads, or any Dish for extra flavor, crunch, and texture
  • Great as a raw snack (take these when you are on the go, or for extra energy during a long day)