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Our lives get so busy and unfortunately we put ourselves last, which greatly impacts our health.  Busy schedules cut down on time to cook something healthy so we can be guilty of grabbing unhealthy "convenience foods," which are detrimental to our health.  When you walk into a grocery store there are isles full of foods that come in a box, food that was manufactured in a facility where most of the nutrients is completely gone, in order to sustain a long shelf life.  These foods can be inexpensive and convenient because you can often eat them on the go or pop them in the microwave and...voila.

If you pick up those boxed foods and look at the ingredients listed, often times we cannot even pronounce what the ingredients are, often times you can't even guess what it is.  Large companies often trick us into believing we are eating something healthy with their marketing and labeling such as, "low-fat, whole-grain, sugar-free, etc."  It can be difficult understanding all of the labels and frustrating because we are trusting that what is listed in front of us is true.  When big cereal brands have "made with whole grains" on the box, we are led to believe that we are putting something good in our bodies, but when food has been so highly processed it has been stripped of most, if not all, of its nutrients, so that it can sustain a shelf like.

Fresh, whole, real, unprocessed foods do have a much shorter shelf life, but also a shorter ingredient list (i.e. Broccoli is just broccoli, no hidden ingredients), and are packed with nutrients.  You know what ingredients you are getting when you buy fresh fruits or vegetables.  I often use organic frozen fruits and vegetables for my smoothies and other meal options, it is a great way to keep the product longer and can help cut some costs.  If you buy fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk at your farmers markets or groceries stores, a great option to decrease food waste is to freeze what you will not use!

If you wash fruits and vegetables ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerator in glass containers, they become a great grab and go snack, which cuts down on unhealthy snacking options.



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