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I started juicing not to long ago, and for those of you that have never juiced before, you may find it interesting to know that there is a lot of pulp left over (fiber extracted during the juicing process).  After juicing at home the first few times, I was not sure what to do with all the left over pulp, so I started using the compost in my garden.  Then I realized there was more that I could utilize that fiber for.  I thought of some of the things I do often such as baking and making smoothies, so I decided that there was a way to incorporate those extra pulps.

I purchased BPA free ice cube trays so that I can now freeze the extra pulp.  I throw in the extra pulp for added fiber when baking muffins, banana breads, and cookies.  I also love adding some of the pulp to my smoothies (which I make often).  Most people who juice may not do this, but it works for me, I take some of that extra pulp after juicing and throw it in my cup!

Try to be creative to cut down on food waste, there are often ways that you can utilize left overs to make something more flavorful or healthy!



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