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My first time to LA was amazing!  I went during the month of December a few years ago and although I wish it was slightly warmer during that time, it was still pretty warm compared to home.  There was so much to see and so many places I wanted to check out.  I had the opportunity to explore Hollywood, Malibu, Venice, and my favorite...Santa Monica.  I should also mention one of my favorite parts of the trip was that I got engaged too!  Best trip ever.

When I travel, the first few things I do to plan ahead is to first check the weather (I never like being cold haha), I check out some fun hangout spots and activities to participate in, and last but definitely not least...I check out what food places are available.  I had some of the most amazing food in LA.  Every morning my fiancé and I would grab breakfast at this vegan spot that I cannot remember the name of!  They made me the best la-la-la-lattes!  Everywhere I go, I get the same latte, Chamomile Tea Latte (sometimes with lavender), steamed Almond, Cashew, or Coconut Milk, sweetened with Vanilla or Hazlenut.  I call this the Lia Latte.  The lady who worked at this Café made me the perfect latte.  When she would see me come in, she would say, "would you like your latte again this morning?"   Is that a sign I need to live in LA?  It's also time to add "Lia's Latte" to all Coffee shops around the world!  Sometimes it can be difficult finding a variety of healthy places to eat when traveling, but in LA the options are endless.  Below I listed some of my favorite places to eat at while in LA:

  • Beaming
So this place was amazing, we became OBSESSED with their Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I think they put crack in the cookie batter (haha just kidding, kind of).  Beaming offers a variety of cold pressed juices, raw food options, and more!

  • Kye's

As we were walking around in Santa Monica, we were looking for a cool spot for lunch and stumbled upon Kye's.  We briefly checked out the menu and noticed something called a Kyerito.  What on earth is a Kyertio? So we decided to go in and check it out.  So we found out that a Kyerito is Kye's version of a burrito.  I enjoyed The Macro Kyerito that included a mix of fresh veggies and rice blend, with a delicious wasabi dressing, while my Fiancé enjoyed the Nahm Jim Kyerito and one of their vegan desserts.  To end my meal, I enjoyed an organic hot tea of course.

  • Gjelina
We had the opportunity to speak to the owner of Kye's briefly, who suggested that we check out one of the hottest streets in LA, Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice.  This is where my obsession with LA grew stronger.  She suggested that we check out Gjelinas because the food and atmosphere was amazing.  We sat outside that night by a small fire pit.  Did I mention I love people watching when I am out eating?!  I L-O-V-E to people watch on vacation.  I enjoyed the House Marinated Olives Appetizers (I could eat a pound of olives a day.  Hey they are healthy fats so...).  I also enjoyed the Wood Roasted Cauliflower, and the Pomodoro Pizza.  It was so easy and difficult to choose what I wanted to eat.  Easy because there were so many options and difficult because I couldn't order the whole menu so I had to choose a few options!  Everything was flavored so well and cooked just right.  They have a number of options for meat eaters, seafood lovers, and vegetarians like myself.

  • Nobu
After an adventurous day in Malibu, we stumbled upon Nobu, and although I did not get a chance to eat at Nobu on this trip, we had time to grab a drink outside and enjoy the unbelievable view.  What a beautiful place to sit outside and chill.

I look forward to my next trip to LA and trying out some new food places.



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