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My Favorite Places To Eat When Traveling

                                                                                     Some Of My Favorite Places To Travel:

  • West Palm Beach
  • 2_copy
  • Antico
  • Beaming
  • Beaming 2
  • Chelsea Market NYC
  • Dreamer Miami
  • DIRT
  • Eataly Chicago
  • Mandolin 2
  • Madolin
  • Mandolin 5
  • Meraki 3
  • Meraki 4
  • Meraki 5
  • Osterias
  • Raw 2_copy2
  • Plant Food Wine 4_copy1
  • Plant Food Wine_copy1
  • Plant Food Wine 2_copy1
  • Mandolin 4_copy1
  • Mandolin 2_copy1
  • Mandolin 3_copy1
  • Pura Vida 1_copy1
  • Raw Cafe 2_copy1
  • Pura Vida_copy1
  • Pura Vida Vegan cookie_copy1
  • Dtox

          10 Helpful Tips When Traveling:

  1. Purchase an insulated soft cooler that is easy to carry
  2. Pack snacks that include fresh fruits, raw veggies, nut mixes, granola, crackers, veggie chips, etc.
  3. Include ice packs in your cooler to keep your food safe
  4. Plan ahead, scope out health food stores where you can purchase healthy food options to stock up on
  5. Research places to eat so you know where to find healthy options
  6. Some grocery stores offer a delivery service for a small fee (can deliver groceries where you are staying) 
  7. Check the weather to make sure you have the appropriate attire and foot wear
  8. Look up some of the popular attractions (museums, dance clubs, salsa lessons, tours, etc.)
  9. Budget appropriately so that you can make the best of your trip
  10. Request a small empty refrigerator in your room to store healthy drinks/food
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