Love Freely, Laugh Genuinely, Eat Colorfully

Summer Minestrone

I could eat vegetable minestrone every single day.  Soup is just one of those meals that I love to have any time of year that you can pack with a variety of vegetables.  I grew up eating the best minestrone!  So, I like to recreate it each season with different vegetables.   If you have a garden where you grow tomatoes, there’s nothing like adding those fresh tomatoes to homemade minestrone. 

In this minestrone, I used my favorite purple potatoes (I call them Lavender potatoes because it just sounds fancy) Penn’s Corner Farm Stand.  Have you ever had purple potatoes?  Many people have not even heard of them.  They taste like a regular potatoes, not as sweet as a sweet potato, but they are packed with antioxidants.  Colorful foods provide an array of nutrients our bodies need.  The anthocyanins give them their beautiful color.  So the more you eat the rainbow, the more nutrients you will provide your body.


Penn’s Corner Farm Stand Ordering is now opened, and ordering closes Thursday by 2pm!  Give the Purple Potatoes a try and let me know what you think.




My favorite go-to muffins

Our days tend to get so busy and we often are guilty of skipping meals, like breakfast.  Eating breakfast in the morning helps to jumpstart our metabolism.  I needed something that I could just grab and go, on those super busy mornings, so I played around in the kitchen with a few recipe ideas and ended up creating one of my favorite muffins!  They are great not just for breakfast, but also as a mid-day snack, bedtime snack, or a compliment to any meal.  They are packed with healthy fats (the right type of fats)!  Be sure to check out the recipe, Ginger Carrot Muffins.

I top these muffins with local bee pollen that I get from Penn’s Corner Farm Stand.  So many people ask me how to incorporate bee pollen.  You can use it really anyway you like, I use it in so many ways:

In Smoothies
In Fresh Squeezed Juices
Topped on  my Chia Pudding
On Top of my Sweet Potatoes
In  Fruit Salads

Local Bee Pollen helps boost the immune system, so give it a try!  Check out what is available this week on Penn’s Corner Farm Stand, ordering is now opened so hurry up and grab some goodies!




Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner has always brought the family together.  It is a time to put the phones down and enjoy spending time with one another.  Growing up, we always made sure to eat Sunday dinner as a family, and I believe it is very important to keep traditions going.   Be sure that you spend time with loved ones.  One of the beautiful things about food, is that food always brings everyone together.  It provides laughter, love, and nourishment.


Tonight's Sunday dinner includes fresh beautiful fennel from Penn's Corner Farm Share.  Now is the perfect time of the year to order a large variety of beautiful ingredients.  I couldn't believe how big the fennel was.  Do you know all of the benefits that fennel provides?  You get potassium, tons of fiber, protein, vitamin C, and more.  Plants do provide protein!  Fennel can be used in a number of ways.  I love to sauté it like I did tonight, but one of my other favorite ways to eat it is to dip it in some homemade hummus!


Everyone who knows me, knows I get extremely excited over food!  They also know how much I love to eat and talk, haha.  So, I love Sunday dinners as you can imagine!  I cannot wait to share some other delicious healthy meals that I made with my beautiful farm share.  If you haven't checked out Penn's Corner Farm Stand yet, take a few moments tonight and be sure to check it out.  You will not be disappointed and be sure to check out this recipe, Fennel and Peppers!


Honey Bee Smoothie

The nice weather is finally here!  Are you as excited as I am?  One of my favorite things to make during these beautiful sunny days to keep me energized, are smoothies!  You can pretty much add anything to a smoothie.  It’s important to get a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, so I typically always add some form of greens to my smoothies.  Some of my favorite greens to add are spinach, microgreens, kale, and arugula (yes, I like that nutty flavor).  My Honey Bee Smoothie incorporates a balance of healthy fats, antioxidants, calcium, and omega 3.  I have a smoothie every day, and make extra in case I have a busy day and know that I will not get a chance to grab something healthy.  If I am on the road, I pack 1-2 smoothies with me in a cooler so that I know I have a healthy option and some fuel when needed (I never want hanger to set in, that’s not fun). 


I love the convenience of ordering from Penn’s Corner Farm Stand, which allows me the opportunity to select healthy local options to put in my smoothies.  Thankfully they have a number of pick up locations throughout the city, to pick up our goodies at a convenient location, and you have the option to select the day and place to get your farm fresh beauties.  My two favorite ingredients that I added to this Honey Bee Smoothie include, Bedillion Honey Farms Creamed Honey and Bee Pollen.  Bee pollen is packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, and is known to have antibacterial properties.  Honey is packed with antioxidants!  These 2 babies, if local, help boost the immune system by exposing you to microbes in the environment that help build up your immune system.  Also, by selecting a raw honey, you get additional benefits because it has not been pasteurized/heated, keeping those vital nutrients intact!




Fries and Greens

The warm weather is finally here!  I felt like the winter was never going to end.  It feels so good to see the sun shine and soak up Vitamin D.  Now is the time to enjoy all of the varieties of fresh vegetables and leafy greens that are now available.  Penn’s Corner Farm Stand has so much beautiful produce to choose from, and it warms my heart.  Nothing gets me as excited as good food does.


Have you ever tried Dandelion greens?   If you haven’t, you are really missing out!  Some people think they are too bitter, but I love them!  Growing up, I always ate the Dandelion greens from my grandma’s garden.  There’s nothing like fresh greens cooked or raw.  I will say that I only eat the dandelion greens cooked.  They are a little bitter for me when eaten raw, but I use a simple recipe that takes the bitterness away and makes for a great addition to any dish. Be sure to check out the recipe, Fries and Greens to see how I make a delish quick dinner.  Greens have so many amazing benefits for our body, so I try to incorporate greens into every meal.  The dandelion greens provide protein, iron and are rich in vitamin C!  Greens also provide roughage that our body needs to help keep our digestive tract healthy.


Eating healthy is never boring!  One of my favorite foods that I love eat are parsnip fries.  This delicious root vegetable is a healthy alternative to the fast food version.  Parsnips are great to snack on during the day, I often pack them with me when I am on the go, with some hummus or nut butter.  Be sure to check out Penn’s Corner Farm Stand now and take advantage of all the beautiful produce that they have to offer.  It’s fresh, real, whole, and local!  What’s better than that?





Berry Tumeric Power Blast

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love making smoothies on the daily.  I'm obsessed with food in a good way, I love talking about it, cooking it, and of course eating it!  One of my new favorite go-to  is the Daily Tumeric Tonic by Further Foods. 

Have you tried it yet?

It's Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Sugar-free.  It's packed with Adaptogen Superfoods!  I love that I can easily add this to my smoothies in the morning.  I also make a yummy tea (I'll be sure to share that tea recipe son).

Food is medicine and we all should be aware of the types of foods we put in our body so that we can perform our very best.  When we feel good mentally and physically we can do anything!  Look at food as a lifestyle.  There is no sustainable diet.  Create a healthy lifestyle full of real whole foods and your body will thank you!

Be sure to check out the recipe for my Berry Tumeric Power Blast Smoothie and let me know what you think.  If you recreate it, be sure to tag me #ohsolia



Beets and Greens

Do you love beets? Not everyone is a fan of beets, I certainly wasn’t when I was younger.


As I got older and started looking at food differently.   I started to learn about all the different benefits that fresh, whole, real foods offer for our health.  I started cooking with different types of vegetables and fruits and exploring the different ways you can eat fresh produce.  If you follow my Instagram page, you know how much I love colorful foods!  The more color, the more nutrients!


Ordering from Penn’s Corner Farm Stand allows me to try a variety of different local foods each week.  I recently bought some colorful beets that I love to eat in a fresh salad (salads make me feel soooo good), and in the dish I created, Beets and Greens.  Growing up I ate the traditional Italian Beans and Greens dish (which I still love and cook all the time), but I thought it would be fun to play off the name and switch up the recipe a bit.   (Be sure to check out my Beets and Greens dish under the Recipes tab and let me know what you think).  Be sure to tag me in any photos: #ohsolia I would love to see you recreate this colorful dish.


Once I became I Certified Integrative Health Coach, I became even more obsessed with foods (I could literally talk about food all day)!  It is important what we put in our body, but I never count calories, because I would lose my mind. 

Are you eating real food?  Unfortunately today, we get fooled by a lot of marketing and are led to believe that processed foods are healthy for us.  Everyone’s body is different, but one thing that I will always believe is that real whole foods truly heal us from the inside out.  Try focusing on what type of vitamins you get from your food instead of the number of calories you are eating, because not all calories are created equal. 

Be sure to listen to your body.   If something does not agree with you, eliminate it from your diet. 

Be sure to check out Penn’s Corner Farm Stand  and try out some of their amazing local produce.  Put time aside to play around in the kitchen and create some healthy delicious recipes.  If you need some help, check out my Recipes Page for some great plant-based options!



Local. Real. Unrefined. Colorful. Nutritious.



Food has always been a huge part of my life.  I have always believed that food heals the body from the inside out and that food truly is the best form of medicine.  I always incorporate a variety of colorful fresh foods into every meal, every day.  Over the years I have transitioned to a plant-based diet that consists of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  I make sure that my plate has a number of colorful foods, which provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love to cook!  I can often be found in the kitchen creating new recipes and dancing to a number of different great artists like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Rhianna, Beyoncé, JLo, Frank Sinatra, and more.  I love being able to share my recipes and my love of cooking to help others incorporate healthy eating habits.

I purchase local food as much as possible.  Even though we have to fight through these cold months here in Pittsburgh, we still are fortunate to have access to local fresh foods year round.  I am grateful that I can purchase through Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance all year, which provides the opportunity to purchase different items year round from numerous local farms.  During the winter months I get to enjoy an abundance of fresh root veggies.  I love making hearty soups and vegetables chips!  During the warmer months, we have access to so many different types of leafy greens and vegetables like some of my favorites…eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.

Penn’s Corner Farm Stand makes it easy to purchase local fresh foods.   I can select exactly what I want, how much I want, and when and where to pick-up my share.  When we get too busy to pick our produce up, we can select the delivery option, to make life a little easier! 

Have you checked out my recipe this week where I incorporate some delicious Green Meat Radishes and Sweet Potatoes that I received from my farm share?! Check out my recipes page and look for the Cilantro Radish Medley!





Chocolate (Dairy Free/Vegan/Plant-based)!

Chocolate!  It had been years since I had eaten chocolate.  I am lactose intolerant and it was difficult to give up one of my favorite foods at a young age, but once you give it up you never crave it.  I started to eat clean at a young age due to many dietary issues.  It wasn’t until last year that I discovered a guilt free chocolate that I could actually incorporate back into my diet without getting horribly sick.  I discovered Eating Evolved via social media and decided to look into the ingredients.  It was all real food that I had already been eating (no dairy).  I had been playing around in the kitchen while baking and looking for other ways to incorporate other ingredients into my recipes.  So I ended up ordering their chocolate and got hooked.  I use it in smoothies, as a snack on its own, I bake with it, and love to use the midnight chocolate melted on my organic apple slices!  Since I have switched to a plant-based lifestyle, I look for brands that I can incorporate with my lifestyle choices, and brands that do not harm animals in the making of their products.


You can enjoy food, without all the dangerous ingredients.  Always read the labels before purchasing food items and make sure you know what the ingredients are and if you can tolerate them. 


Who loves vegan chocolate?



Breakfast? Snack? …….Granola, who loves it?  I like Granola, but ones I used to buy I had to stop eating because it contained high fructose syrup and hydrogenated oils, which my stomach could not tolerate (I also no longer wanted to put those ingredients in my body that served no purpose).  I was at Whole Foods shopping one day searching through the granola isle trying to see if there was an option I could have or if I should just give it up completely.  I found a brand called Purely Elizabeth, I liked her story as she is an IIN graduate like myself.  So I started to look into the product a little more and appreciated that it was gluten-free and organic, that utilized all real ingredients.  Two of my favorite flavors are the Original and the Pumpkin, yummy!  I eat it by itself, topped on my smoothies or chia pudding, or sometimes as a cereal with my homemade organic nut milks!


Anyone try this product before?  If so, what is your favorite flava?