Love Freely, Laugh Genuinely, Eat Colorfully

Pantry Cleanout

When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry? 
Pantry clean out is often one of those tasks that are often pushed to the side.  We end of stuffing our pantry sometimes, forgetting about certain items, and leaving things to expire. Instead of cleaning it out, we end up adding to the madness!

Important tips for cleaning out the pantry:

  1. Look at expiration dates (get rid of anything that has expired)
  2. Are there items you no longer eat and are just taking up space, if so get rid of them (donate or throw away if expired)
  3. Organization! (making sure that your pantry is organized so all items can be found easily) I love organization!
  4. Swapping unhealthy options for healthy alternatives;  (will discuss understanding labels in upcoming blogs so stay tuned)
  5. Replace plastic containers for glass or BPA free containers
  6. Label items that are in your pantry if storing them in containers, to easily identify what each item is
  7. Store items that you do not use as often on the top or lower shelves (pots, pans, empty containers, any type of storage)

Some of my favorite foods that I keep on my pantry are:

  1. Nuts (a variety of raw nuts; always raw so that they are not roasted in any refined oils)
  2. Seeds (raw)
  3. Raw Beans (in upcoming blogs I will discuss the benefits of raw beans and how to cook them)
  4. Granola (unrefined)
  5. Raw Cacao Bars (raw/organic)
  6. Rice Cakes (l prefer the organic lightly salty, these are great if your stomach feels upset and you need a little something to snack on)
  7. Coconut Wraps (I use these for sweet treats and dinner meals)
  8. A variety of gluten free pastas
  9. Gluten free Grains
Cleaning out the pantry can be very therapeutic and it's necessary! 

What's In Your Fridge

Is your refrigerator helping or hurting you?  I like to think of my refrigerator as my farmacy.  I fill it with an array of local, organic, colorful foods.  I get asked so often, what I keep in my fridge, so I wanted to show a sneak peak of what I eat throughout the week.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I have dealt with different digestive issues since I was younger and food truly has always been the most reliable and safest form of medicine. 

I try to always be very aware of what I put in my body.  Real whole foods are just that, real and whole.  I know we all get so busy with life and life can be super stressful at times, but our health is so important.  We need to make time to eat right and make that a priority.  There are so many beautiful foods on this earth to enjoy! 

Some items that I always keep in my fridge are:

  • Leafy Greens (for salads, soups, smoothies, and other meals)
  • Celery (for my celery juice, soups, and snacking)
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (Vitamin C and it's just so good)
  • Carrots (I love carrots)
  • Fresh Fruit (for fruit salads, added to oatmeal, and for snacking)
  • Nuts & Olives (healthy fats, great for snacking)
  • Nut Butters (one of my favorite nut butters is Artisan Organics Raw Almond Butter
  • Fresh Herbs (a must)
  • Cucumbers (for juicing, salads, and for snacking)
  • Nut Mylks (homemade and certain organic store bought) One of my favorite store bought brands is, Forager
  • Probiotic Yogurt (coconut cult, I prefer the organic original which I use in my smoothies)
  • Fresh Figs (I grew up eating these raw, picking them right off of my grandmothers fig trees)

I always try to be very aware of what I put in my body, so I prefer organic over conventional when possible, because of the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals sprayed on conventional foods.   I wash my fruits and vegetables ahead of time so that when I am hungry I can just grab what I want and go!


Self Care, Self Love

Self Care

Life gets so busy and stressful at times that we often neglect our health, and our health should be our number one priority!  It is important to take time and indulge in self care.  It wasn't until this past year that I realized how important it was to take time for myself.  I was pushing myself to the limit, which eventually took a tool on my body.  For some reason I would feel guilty if I was doing something just for myself, but I finally realized the importance of "me time" for my mental and physical well being.

Allowing myself to find things that I enjoy doing, to relax, and take a break from LIFE, helps me clear my mind and regain focus.  Let's be real, life can be a real b**** sometimes, right?  We all need mental breaks, a moment to step away from all the hustle and bustle, and know that it's ok to do so. 

Find what works best for you and set time aside for yourself, whether that be daily or weekly.  Some things I do for self love:

  • Warm Bubble Baths with essential oils
  • Going to a Coffee Shop by myself, getting a tea latte, and reading a good book for a few hours
  • Take a long walk by myself
  • Watch a funny TV show (it feels super good to genuinely laugh; The Office is one of my favorite shows to get a good laugh)
  • Meditate (whether it be for 5 minutes or 50 minutes, listen to what your body needs)
  • Yoga (I prefer a hot yoga class, I can clear my mind while sweating out toxins from my body)

Self Love

I noticed in the past that I was not giving myself enough self love.  I can be hard on myself sometimes, always trying to do everything the right way and putting too much pressure on myself, in all aspects of my life.  I realized I am not a robot and I can only do so much.  I needed to take time to appreciate myself, realizing all the things that I have accomplished.  One day I decided to sit down and make a list of all my accomplishments.  I realized how much I have accomplished and it made me feel so good!  In life, we tend to focus on negative moments, "failures," and negative thoughts of where we "should" be in life.  Life is what we make it, the energy we put out is the energy we get back.  I now focus on one accomplishment/success that I have achieved each day, and anything that does not work out how I planned, I believe it was meant to be that way.  Learning from our setbacks or mistakes make us stronger.

Take time each day to focus on something positive about yourself and love yourself unconditionally.