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Chocolate (Dairy Free/Vegan/Plant-based)!

Chocolate!  It had been years since I had eaten chocolate.  I am lactose intolerant and it was difficult to give up one of my favorite foods at a young age, but once you give it up you never crave it.  I started to eat clean at a young age due to many dietary issues.  It wasn’t until last year that I discovered a guilt free chocolate that I could actually incorporate back into my diet without getting horribly sick.  I discovered Eating Evolved via social media and decided to look into the ingredients.  It was all real food that I had already been eating (no dairy).  I had been playing around in the kitchen while baking and looking for other ways to incorporate other ingredients into my recipes.  So I ended up ordering their chocolate and got hooked.  I use it in smoothies, as a snack on its own, I bake with it, and love to use the midnight chocolate melted on my organic apple slices!  Since I have switched to a plant-based lifestyle, I look for brands that I can incorporate with my lifestyle choices, and brands that do not harm animals in the making of their products.


You can enjoy food, without all the dangerous ingredients.  Always read the labels before purchasing food items and make sure you know what the ingredients are and if you can tolerate them. 


Who loves vegan chocolate?



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